The Old Naval Shipyard, Karlskrona

Welcome to experience the old naval shipyard on Lindholmen in virtual reality. 
We will take you on guided tours in an amazing world heritage environment.

Virtual reality gives access to restricted areas

The old naval shipyard on Lindholmen is within a restricted area. Up till now, our guided tours have been the only way to visit it.
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The World Heritage City of Karlskrona – introduction

The world heritage city of Karlskrona offers you a whole lot of amazing buildings, stories and people in a unique naval environment. Welcome to discover the city through a staggering 360-flight.

The Polhem dry dock and the pump house

The Polhem dry dock was built in the early 18th century and is an interesting example of Swedish engineering. The adjacent pump house tells us about the development of technology and the shipworkers’ hard work.

The Ropewalk

For 300 years, the 300 meter long ropewalk was the center of rope and cordage manufacturing for the ships of the Swedish navy. This is a unique place where visitors can try out rope making.

The Wasa Shed

The Wasa shed was built to protect the expensive oak wood used in building ships from bad weather. A bonus was that the 18th century shipyard workers had better working conditions.

Would you like to come here?

A real visit beats virtual reality. Welcome to one of our guided tours of the old naval shipyard on Lindholmen. And while you are here – Världsarvet Karlskrona offers a lot of historic experiences for the whole family.

The World Heritage Naval City of Karlskrona

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The Great Wall of China, Venice, the Taj Mahal. And the Naval Port of Karlskrona. These are objects that are considered to be so unique that they have been designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Today, we are preserving this inheritance but also building for the future.

The Naval Port of Karlskrona has been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 1998. Karlskrona is characterised by its maritime history, which has also given the town its character, with an ever present peninsula atmosphere and different types of naval activities. 

The planning of the naval port is the key factor to Karlskrona being designated as a World Heritage Site. The most skilful architects in Sweden in the 1600s were involved in realising King Karl XI’s vision for Sweden’s new naval base. 

The World Heritage Site: a comprehensive experience

There is no specific building which makes Karlskrona into a World Heritage Site, but rather the Naval Port as a whole. The Naval Port of Karlskrona World Heritage Site comprises fortifications, naval shipyard, naval dockyards, the military and civilian town as well as facilities in the surrounding area that have been of importance for supplying the naval base. 

Experience the World Heritage Site    

A visit to the Karlskrona World Heritage Site offers possibilities to experience the development of an ideal town through the ages, with a broad range of classical architecture and changes to that architecture in adaptation to different eras. Enjoy a visit to the town’s two museums or book a guided tour from the Tourist Office. Or why not take a stroll, a bike tour or the possibility to experience our world heritage from the water.

The principal sites in the World Heritage town are:

  • The layout of the town itself (the city plan) and the old buildings on the island of Trossö
  • Stumholmen and Björkholmen
  • The naval dockyard and harbour
  • The fortifications: Kungsholm fortress, the Drottningskär citadel, Kurrholmen, Godnatt, Koholmen, Ljungskär and Mjölnareholmen
  • The manor house at Skärva which was built as a country residence for the Admiral Superintendent of the Navy Yard, Fredric Henric af Chapman
  • The Crown mill at Lyckeby with the millpond and stone bridge

Information om världsarvet Örlogsstaden Karlskrona:www.orlogsstadenkarlskrona.se

Information om vad som är på gång i Karlskrona:

Varvshistoriska föreningen in Karlskrona

We recommend VHFK:s website if you want to find out more about shipbuilding, naval history and the buildings on Lindholmen. Here you find texts, images, archives and lots of other things from the almost 350 years old shipyard.

Explore 3D-models:

On Lindholmen there are a numbers of cannons from older times. This model is created with photogrammetry, a technology where you put together a large number of still images to create interactive 3D-models. Try turning the cannon around!

The Kungshall Bastion and The Kungshall Storehouse. The bastion was built towards the end of the 17th century and is one of several important fortifications in Karlskrona. The storehouse came about around 100 years later and was used to store salt-cured meat and groceries, among other things. The saluting guns on the bastion are part of one of Sweden’s three fortifications where national salutes are being fired.

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